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Each Power Site includes all of these great features:
Custom Design        
  • Build your site from customizable, ready-made templates, use your current design with our back end or get a completely unique look and feel for your site. 
Easy Site Editing/CMS 
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  • WYSIWYG editors.  Use one of several HTML WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors to publish, edit and manage photos, copy, headers, footers, video, calendar listings, links, forms, add documents.  
  • Workflow publishing.  Approve copy before it is posted to the site and keep a history of every edit in the HTML content feature and in the blog.   
  • Content management system. Create a breadcrumb trail within the site navigation to allow users to help users keep track of their locations within the web site. 
  • Spam administration.  Monitor the blog and there is a system for filtering out spam.    
  • Event listings.  Publish a calendar of your company events. 
  • Contact form.  Use the contact form to allow your users to contact you without exposing your email address to email harvesters.  
  • Surveys, newsletters and polls.   Power Site comes with the ability to conduct surveys and polls with your customers and the ability to create and send newsletters.   
  • Image gallery.   Upload and manage online image galleries.
  • Document library.   Add/edit/delete, link documents from the document gallery. 
  • Video.   Upload videos to the video library and can portray them on the page. 
  • Content versioning.   Keep a history of every edit in the HTML content feature and in the blog. 
  • Extended administration.  Includes customizable user profile and user management functionality.  There is also a full text search feature.
Powerful SEO & Social Media Integration
  • Search engine optimization.  Your website will get submitted to the major search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 
  • Edit keywords, title tags and descriptions.  Edit all of your keywords and descriptions with very little effort.   Simply type your keywords and descriptions and hit save.
  • Great semantic HTML.  Power Site uses short, friendly URLs that match the page name to improve your search engine rankings.
  • Integrated Google Analytics.  Provides data for website analysis including traffic analysis, path analysis, visitor trends, page views, entry pages, top pages and more.
  • Add social media widgets.  Add Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and more to stay connected to your customers.  
  • RSS Feed Aggregator.   Your RSS feeds (blog posts) are published automatically. 
Mobile Compatible 
  • Standard mobile template.  Provides a view of your site in most mobile devices and includes the conversion of your website design into a template .  Please note that it does not include the content.  With the standard template, your website will be compatible on most popular phone browsers and tablets.
  • Advanced mobile template.  Provides a complete customized version of your site, design and contents, to be compatible with all mobile devices.   
Technically Solid
  • Top rated technical team.  Fast Track works with large, Fortune 50 clients such as Microsoft.
  • .NET.  ASP.NET integrates with the Windows server and programming tools.   Web applications created with ASP.NET are easier to create, debug, and deploy because those tasks can all be performed within a single development environment—Visual Studio.  It's also considered by many to be the next step in the Internet revolution. 
  • 24 x 7 Support.  Fast Track provides a dedicated support email address to its clients. Our standard turnaround time is one business day. 24x7 support assistance can be provided at an additional cost. 
  • Security .  All of Fast Track website databases are protected against misuse. Authorization rights to make additional changes are handed over only to the select few recommended by the client. Once the site is live, the client has total control over the authorization rights to the city. 
End-to-End Services
  • Services.  We offer assistance with SEO, social media strategies, updating content, training, logo development, hosting and monthly maintenance packages starting at just $19/month. 
  • End-to-end web site and application services.  No matter what you need, we can assist you.

Cross Platform

  • Supports all popular browsers.
  • Open source e-commerce solution.   Contains both a catalog front end and an administration back end.  
  • Fully customizable shopping cart.  Allows you to set up an online store quickly and easily.    
  • Manage product sales easily.  From uploading different products, managing categories or manufacturers to one page checkouts,  to live chat, wish lists and coupons, your ecommerce store is easy to use and customize to your needs.
  • Merchant accounts.  We can assist you to set up information between your bank and merchant account so that you are able to accept payments that go directly to the corporate bank account.  Merchant account and gateway fees are separate.
  • Security.  Secure your web site and display the secure site seal to assure your clients that your site is authentic and that all transactions are secured by SSL encryption.

If you would like more information about Power Site, call 1-855-7-FASTTRACK.